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About Us

About Us

Urban Mobiliar is the flagship brand of a family company founded in 1996 under the name of Inogaj D.O.O. which has been recording a positive business balance each year since its inception. Urban Mobiliar specialises in laser art products intended for both interior and exterior use.

In sync with modern urban standards, our company has been entrusted with equipping public spaces, kindergartens, schools, hotels, fellow companies and residential home, knowing that laser cut panels and finished products are ornaments which enhance the beauty of space both indoors and outdoors. We design and produce laser cut panels, handrails, gates, pergolas, partition walls, decorative facades, light panels, benches, trashcans, public lighting, jardinières, sculptures, bike racks, etc. We are here to mould your every idea into a piece of art as our unique products are available in different sizes, shapes and colours.



Metal objects have become the absolute burning trend when it comes to the interior design due to the note of elegance and refinement they breathe into every space. Our interior will enrich your space with colour while also adding a soft brushed texture to it.

The introduction of laser cut products into the residential, business and commercial spaces offers a glamorous and luxurious note which results in a rich and utterly attractive design. Make your interior stand out with a modern design of our partition panels or augment your space with laser cut metal shelves. Our interior product portfolio also consists of furniture of unique design and quality, metal window decorations as a permanent alternative to curtains, or multi angled lamps built from laser cut metal plates with delicate brushed patterns and decorative details.

Extensive knowledge, experience and dedication of our team have been weaved into each and every single product we make. Enrich your interior with our laser cut products which have been developed according to the highest of design and manufacturing standards.


Adapt your object exterior to fit the latest equipment trends. Embellish the outdoor design with facade panels, pergolas, handrails, custom-made fences and gates. Adorn your backyard with lamps of unique design or metal jardinières for flowers.

Facade panels will protect your object from elements and provide you with soundproofing and noise isolation. Pergolas or roofing panels are custom designed and produced whereas we make sure our products are safe to use and easy to maintain. Handrails are an ideal solution to outdoor environments characterised by eye-appealing design and weather resistance. We manufacture distinctive fences and gates, specified by particular shapes, slots, lines or any custom-made shape. We also design lamps which shed light in unique patterns, while our metal flower jardinières are ideal solutions when decorating private backyards, balconies, terrace restaurants or coffee shops.


We develop public space furniture designed to fit contemporary standards in urbanism. The latest trends offer a wide diapason of possibilities and design with park decoration and equipping.

We are particularly proud of the quality of our material, which makes our products durable and weatherproof. We offer the most diverse portfolio of metal solutions such as: benches, trashcans, public lighting, jardinières, outdoor playgrounds, sculptures, bike racks etc. Our laser cut products are both rich in quality and longevity.

On a single piece of metal, we are able to create shapes ready to match your wishes and visions. Our modern design and precise development of laser cut products of different size, shape and colour can help you create a completely unique and inimitable park.

Information about our products is updated daily on our social media channels. You are welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.



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Ravni Gaj, 34230 Gruža
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